A secret for creating a romantic feng shui bedroom

When you think about Feng, romance may not come to mind. The principle of Feng Shui is to improve our living space, including the bedroom. The element of Feng Shui is aimed at extracting the correct energy (or Chi’i) in every room of our house. The color and elements of this exercise are focused on many areas of our lives, including family harmony, creativity and romance. The good news is that you can create a feng shui bed with just a few simple changes.

  1. Start with a romantic feng shui bedroom color scheme

The feng shui color aimed at strengthening affectionate relationships at home is not the coincidence but the same color already associated with romance. Traditional feng shui bedrooms include red, pink and white. Decorating your bedroom with such a limited color palette is not practical, but a calm neutral color palette with feng shui color accents is a wonderful way to incorporate them. The way to use these romantic colors to decorate the bedroom is as follows.

Please select red or pink accent artwork to enhance your romantic bedroom color scheme.
Add some slow pillows and luxurious throw of romantic colors of Feng Shui.
Candles can not only enhance your color scheme but also add a romantic atmosphere.
Fresh red and pink flowers are particularly useful for achieving romantic cheat (energy) in the bedroom.
Think of beyond the simple red, pink or white feng shui color palette of your bedroom. In order to create harmony, you can choose shades that match your color scheme like peach, rust, ivory.

2. Please use feng shui romantic symbolism in your bedroom

Feng Shui has more than the arrangement of color and furniture. When it comes to your bedroom, there are designs and symbols that are considered to enhance romantic energy.

  • I decorate with a pair. The “two” symbol is important for Feng shui bedroom design. Swan image and ornament, Mandarin duck is a pair, especially auspicious.
  • Artwork evoking love and human relations. Regardless of whether you build a happy picture with your important others for your wall or multiply the classic art depicting a loving relationship, this type of wall art is a romantic feng shui It is a necessity for.
  • Avoid art and decoration that suggests unpleasant emotions or loss.
  • Family pictures are great in other parts of the house, but not suitable for a romantic feng shui bed room – this is a space for romantic pictures to support your relationship.

3. Add romantic bedroom lighting

The most romantic bedroom is relaxing, and it is the majority of lighting. Every bedroom needs basic overhead lighting for cleaning, changing clothes, and finding things. Your romantic bedroom lighting is another layer of light that sets the mood of your romantic feng shui bedroom.

Bedside lighting comes from table lamps, wall mounting candlesticks, swing arm lamps, or pendants hanging at night. In order to produce a romantic atmosphere through lighting, it is necessary to make the bedside lighting dimmable and soft. For troublesome mood lighting, you can add romantic lighting with LED candles that you can purchase with a timer and remote control. You can also set up delicate string lights in the bedroom all year round to produce a romantic atmosphere.

4. Please select romantic and luxurious bed linen

Your bed linen is the most important element in a romantic bedroom. Feng shui elements for love is the earth – this means that natural fabrics and neutral colored bed linen can enhance the romantic energy of your bedroom. The most romantic bed linen should feel romantic and luxurious feel, even if it is not expensive. Complete your bed linen ensemble with a feng shui blanket or pillow thrown in color of romance.

5. Feng shui of your bedroom decorated with romantic accents

The wonderful secret to bringing the benefits of Feng shui to your home is that it will work in any decorative style. Your accent decoration does not necessarily have a theme of Feng Shui, it can be any style you choose for your bedroom. Your goal to achieve a romantic bedroom is to consciously select each piece of decoration and ask yourself if it will enhance the relaxing and romantic style you want to achieve through Feng Shu . The most romantic bedroom decorations invite you to stay long and relax.

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